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According to the Pew Research Center in the USA, when determining global religious affiliation, the third-largest group was unaffiliated. Approximately 1 Billion people around the world are irreligious. With the number of religious people shrinking, those that cleave to religion may find their beliefs becoming ever more important, perhaps out of the desire to keep their traditions alive. For many women, religious jewelry is an important aspect of adhering to tradition and holding their beliefs literally close to their hearts. If you are looking to purchase a gift for just such a woman, the difficult question is, what type of religious jewelry would women like? While this may vary from person to person, Nano jewelry offers a wide array of exciting and beautiful choices perfect for any religious woman.

If you are unfamiliar with Nano Jewelry, they are based in Tel Aviv (close to the birthplace of several major religions) and have been operating for twenty-six years. The company has drawn inspiration from its surroundings: the old with the new, the historical with the innovative. In that vein, they created a line of classic, beautiful pieces, with an inventive twist: each piece is inscribed with a message written in pure 24k gold which can be read with the provided magnifying glass; from a distance, the text looks like a pattern. This is an especially nice feature for their line of religious jewelry: the charms can be inscribed with key pieces of scripture or meditations on life. If you are purchasing for a woman who likes to keep reminders of her faith close at hand, Nano Jewelry has a variety of options that will be sure to delight. Read on to find the perfect gift for the religious woman in your life.

Gifts for Christian Women

The Lord’s Prayer KJ Version gold-filled necklace with zirconia (SGD $141) is a solid go-to gift. A simple chain with a cubic zirconia pendant inscribed with the Lord’s Prayer. This small piece is a great way to help her honour her faith and traditions. From a distance, the inscription looks like a simple pattern, but she will always know that this important prayer is close to her heart, especially when she looks at the pendant through the provided magnifying glass. At $141 (SGD), this thoughtful gift comes at such a reasonable price.

"Our Father: Crystal Stone Pendant, Good Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend, Womens Presents, Nano Jewelry"

If you are shopping for someone who loves eye-catching sparkle, The Lord’s Prayer KJ Version sterling silver necklace with Swarovski crystal (SGD $188) is really going to wow her. Like the previous necklace, this one comes with the Lord’s Prayer inscribed on the crystal. From a distance, it will look like a pattern, but upon inspection, she will see that it is this important everyday prayer. You have the choice of six different coloured crystals. A refined choice for the woman who loves to dazzle.

Lord's Prayer King James Version, Special Gifts for Sisters, Christian Jewelry for Women, Blue Stone Necklace

If you’re someone who likes to go the extra mile, The Lord’s Prayer KJ Version heart-shaped, sterling silver necklace (SGD $188) is a good choice. Imagine taking the last necklace and doubling down on it: set within the heart are eight additional cubic zirconia stones. Regardless of which of the six colours you choose, the additional eight crystals remain clear; this adds a beautiful contrast to the centre stone. This necklace is not only eye-catching but also serves the purpose of keeping her faith close at hand. If you like this design but are really looking to splash out on your lady, check out the 14k gold version, encrusted with real diamonds.

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If you have a special occasion coming up and you feel like honouring the woman in your life with a truly fantastic gift, consider The Psalm 23 14K white gold necklace with Swarovski crystal (SGD $555). Not only is this a unique and striking piece, but it will remind her every day of her faith and god’s love. A more modern setting for that special woman who remains true to her faith each and every day.

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All the above-listed necklaces can be purchased with different prayers inscribed upon them. The settings are stunning and offer a variety of choices for any faithful, Christian woman. The Lord’s Prayer comes in both the King James and traditional versions.


Gifts for Buddhist Women

Although Buddhism is not generally associated with worldly goods, modern Buddhism does allow for one to adorn herself with symbols of her faith. The Metta Prayer gold-filled necklace with cubic zirconia (SGD $141) is a simple statement, great for any Buddhist woman. The prayer is one of the most important meditations in the Buddhist faith; the goal of this particular meditation is to develop a true love of self. The cubic zirconia pendant comes in four different colours and is inscribed with this simple prayer for peace and happiness. This gift is perfect for someone more unassuming, who believes deeply in her faith, and would love a daily reminder of this meditation for inner peace.

"Metta Prayer", Gold Filled Necklace, Zirconia

If you are looking for another understated, simple necklace, consider The Loving Kindness Mediation sterling silver and onyx necklace (SGD $199). The onyx is inscribed not only with the loving-kindness metta meditation, but also a picture of the Buddha. A great way to encourage the special Buddhist woman in your life to honour her faith and stay strong.

Should you be looking for something with a more feminine flair, The Heart Sutra sterling silver and cubic zirconia necklace (SGD $188) is a good option. The “Heart Sutra” is inscribed on a heart-shaped cubic zirconia pendant, which comes in one of five colours. A perfect gift for the Buddhist woman who holds the key to your heart.

"Heart Sutra", 925 Sterling Silver Necklace, Zirconia

If you are looking for something to take her breath away, look at The Diamond Sutra 14K gold and Swarovski crystal necklace (SGD $410). This elegant necklace is a great way to show your love and consideration for any of the women in your life. Truly stunning, but still understated and therefore perfect for the practising Buddhist. The Diamond Sutra is a subtle reminder to take in the world around her and remember the fleeting nature of our existence.

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The Loving Kindness sterling silver and cubic zirconia necklace (SGD $199) is another great option: the cubic zirconia is set in a cross-hatched, mandala sterling silver setting. This necklace is a great compromise for someone who likes beautiful jewelry that isn’t too flashy. A stunning way for the special woman in your life to wear a daily reminder of her faith.

"MettaWomanEngravedin24k, BuddhistStorewithCZ Stone, MeditationGifts, MandalaNecklace"
All of the above options are available in different settings and metals, giving you a full range of options from which to choose. There is something for every taste and price point.

Gifts for Islamic Women

When shopping for an Islamic woman, Nano Jewelry offers a variety of options that will amaze and inspire her. One of Nano Jewelry’s classic settings is The Muhammad 3 microns gold-plated necklace with cubic zirconia (SGD $255). This simple, round pendant comes in three colours and is inscribed in gold with the last prophet’s name. Great for the woman with classic taste who wants to keep the prophet and her faith close to her heart.

If you want to get a gift with the simple elegance of the one listed above, think about purchasing The Ayatul Kursi sterling silver and zirconia necklace (SGD $188). This necklace is low-profile, but with its own unique charm. Don’t forget: she can read the inscription every day with the provided magnifying glass. The heart-shaped cubic zirconia pendant comes in five colour options and is inscribed with the words of the Ayatul Kursi. This necklace is a subtle and tasteful reminder of Allah’s glory.

Should you want to buy a gift for a woman who pursues knowledge with a fervent passion, get her The Value of the Knowledge is the Highest Value 14K gold necklace with Swarovski crystal (SGD $410). This gift says that you respect and admire her passion for education, religious or otherwise. Make your affections clear and pick this necklace in one of four colours.

For special occasions or grand gestures, gift The Allah 14K white gold and Swarovski crystal necklace (SGD $709). This exquisite piece is adorned with nine separate Swarovski crystals, the largest of which is inscribed with “Allah” in gold. This heart-shaped pendant is the perfect gift for a special woman who wants to wear an attractive reminder of her faith.

If over 1 Billion people in the world are irreligious, consider how increasingly important religion is to those who remain faithful. For the faithful, it is important to find special ways to honour their traditions and beliefs. A piece of jewelry, particularly a necklace is a great way for a woman to keep her faith close to her heart. The gifts you can purchase on the Nano Jewelry website are not only gorgeous works of art, but they will also suit a variety of different tastes. When you ask yourself what type of religious jewelry women would like, realize that Nano Jewelry has the answer. Whether you are buying a gift for someone with understated, refined taste or a woman who enjoys something more modern and flashy, you will be able to find it on the Nano Asia Jewelry site.

Keep in mind, the above list is not exhaustive, as Nano Jewelry offers nearly customizable options. When shopping for a religious woman who seeks to honour her faith, check out the website’s RELIGIONS & SPIRITUALITY section. There is sure to be something to complement and reaffirm her beliefs.

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