April 2020, The breakout of Covid-19 Virus is tremendously raising and spreading In Singapore and the government deciding to start the Circuit Breaker. All the offline retail businesses are closing their doors. As an Operations Manager at in a retail company, that usually very busy, I found myself "grounded" at home with a lot of free time and very blur future. All the situation make me very worried and restless. In addition, my wife just started her third trimester of pregnancy, which makes it even more stressful. I felt that I have to do something extreme to change the bad atmosphere and I deeply thought what can I do.

Many friends recommended me to start an online business, my personal thought lead me to that direction as well. From the first step, I decided not to chose the easy way, find cheap products, not to care about the quality and sale with high profit. I chose another way and the challenge was to find high-quality products, something unique that never seen in the area before.

I was very excited to discover Nano Jewelry, the first time I saw it, I straight away fell in love. I'm very delight to bring that amazing brand to you. Nano Jewelry making very unique and unusual designs. From ‘I Love You’ inscribed in 120 different languages to entire bible chapters, all on the surface of our small stones, a magnifying glass accompanies your unique purchase to truly admire the miniature inscriptions. All with the keeping of the highest levels of quality.

Our story started with a bit of bitter taste and turned to wonderful directions. The end of that story hasn't written yet. You, our valued customer, continuing to write our story and we will do all we can to make it a never-ending beautiful story.

Sincerely yours,
Avihay Elharar
Nano Asia Jewelry - Founder,
ALE Online Marketing - Owner