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Zodiac - Heart framed Swarovski Crystal inscribed exclusively in 24k pure gold - Born between July 23 to October 23




Whether you’ve been sharing each other’s lives for years or are still celebrating weekly anniversaries, it’s both fun and wise to treat your sweetheart to a present for girlfriend that reflects both her good tastes and wonderful personality. Rather than give her something that clumsily lists all of what makes her so special, why not indulge her with a zodiac necklace that tells those in the know all about how progressive and kind-hearted she is.

  • Pendant size - 25mm x 16.5mm
  • 925 silver and 14k white gold versions arrive with an 18 inch 925 sterling silver chain 
  • Gold plated silver and 14k yellow gold versions arrive with an 18 inch gold plated silver chain 
  • 14k Gold pendant, With 14k Gold chain, arrive all with 14k Gold
  • Mini magnifying glass
  • Jewelry gift box

    Leo - July 23 to August 22

    They’re the life of any party – entertaining, cheerful and confident, yet a Leo horoscope personality is also the first who’ll buckle down when things get serious, never letting their family and friends down. Gifting them a token of your appreciation for the marvellous person that they are sounds like a fantastic idea and a Leo Zodiac necklace that is as bold as the one that will wear it the perfect solution!

    As far as this jewelry goes, this is truly a masterpiece of artistic inspiration and modern ingenuity. The stone itself is a marvel to behold, featuring an intriguing, meaningful inscription done using 24k pure gold and in a way that makes it last forever. Absolutely no other jeweler in the world is able to come close to the level of detail portrayed on the stone, making this a truly unique birthday gift for her, or a token of random appreciation that will leave them speechless. Depicted is a roaring lion, the traits of a Leo, it’s a Greek name, symbol, constellation, birth dates and the entire Zodiac.

    They won’t have any trouble discerning the tiniest of golden lines thanks to a custom-made magnifying glass that’s part of the package. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t really stand as a great gift for girlfriends and boyfriends without a ravishing box to present it in, and your loved one is sure to eagerly open it up for the first time and discover its wonderful contents.

    Virgo - August 23 to September 22

    Those exhibiting Virgo traits are a delight to be around – their creative intelligence propels them into new and exciting realms of thought while their diligence and realistic nature help them stay grounded when it really counts. Having a friend or loved one like that is truly a blessing, so if you want to express just how much you appreciate their personality, present them with this remarkable piece of Virgo jewelry that is as intriguing and inspired as they are.

    From the moment they first see it, they’ll know that this necklace for men and women isn’t just a run of the mill bauble. The fine chain and the inscribed with 24 karats pure gold. The inscriptions are made in a way that ensures they will last forever, and as if that weren’t enough the level of detail shown can’t be recreated by anyone else in the world, literally. If that doesn’t make it a cool necklace for women, then nothing does. Depicted is a virgin maiden holding wheat, the constellation Virgo, its Greek name, traits, symbol, birth date and the entire zodiac.

    Not even their keen eye for detail might be able to discern the smallest of golden lines, so we’re throwing in a custom-made magnifying glass to make it easier and more fun. Helping it make the shortlist for best gift men and women will both be wild for is a magnificent box that makes this meaningful gifting experience complete.

    Libra - September 23 to October 23

    Affectionate dreamers on one hand, yet objective realists when the time for that arises, those with the traits of a Libra make for great friends and partners because they’ll support your extravagant ideas, but will also point out the clouds you build your castles on in a well-meaning way. Compassionate honesty is hard to find these days, and if you’re struggling to come up with an unusual birthday gift for her or a meaningful gift for him that should affirm these traits as well as look good, then an exquisite piece of jewelry might be just the right answer.

    Make no mistake, this Libra necklace isn’t something you could come across at just any jewelry store. Just one look at the 24k gold inscription and the detail of the inscription can literally not be recreated by anyone else in the world, and the process used to make it so ensures the intricate golden images will never fade. Depicted is a man holding a set of scales, Libra personality traits, its constellation, Greek name, sign, birth dates and the whole Zodiac.

    The recipient will have a lot of fun going over every fine line with the help of a special magnifying glass they’ll also receive. The experience wouldn’t be complete without a lavish box to house this inspirational gift and is sure to excite them almost as much as the necklace within.



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