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Zodiac - Onyx Pendant inscribed exclusively in 24k pure gold - Born between April 20 to July 22




  • 925 silver and 14k white gold versions arrive with an 18 inch 925 sterling silver chain 
  • Gold plated silver and 14k yellow gold versions arrive with an 18 inch gold plated silver chain 
  • 14k Gold pendant, With 14k Gold chain, arrive all with 14k Gold
  • Mini magnifying glass
  • Jewelry gift box

Taurus - April 20 to May 20

A bastion of calm in the face of the ever-shifting tides of life, the Taurus horoscope personality is a peaceful protector, loyal friend, and, when need be, an unstoppable force. A piece of Taurus jewelry is a great women's and men's birthday present idea that celebrates such a person, and a wonderful necklace its most refined form.

This necklace with a pendant will cause a stir even in the calmest of Taurus hearts. Its dainty Italian chain and oval frame provide a stark contrast to the black natural onyx stone at its centre. The stone itself is its most meaningful part however since it is inscribed with pure 24k gold using a special process that makes the golden images last eternally, available nowhere else in the entire world. Depicted are Gugalanna, the Sumerian bull of the heavens, the constellation Taurus, its symbol, Greek name, birth dates and the whole Zodiac.

Unveiling all of its secrets will prove easy thanks to a special magnifying glass that’s also included. It wouldn’t be an inspirational gift without an equally inspired box to present it in now would it, and we’ve got you covered on that too. All you need is a classy bow to go along with it. Life’s paths the layout of the stars for us are oftentimes unpredictable, but a Taurus walks them with calm and assurance. With such a magnificent necklace around their neck, they’ll forever be reminded that they needn’t walk this path alone.

Gemini - May 21 to Jan 21

Thinkers and artists, storytellers and scientists, those that exhibit Gemini personality traits are always a delight to be around. To show them just how much you value their company and friendship, why not gift them with an exquisite piece of Gemini jewelry that has a deeper meaning and also caters to their refined sense of style?

Whether you’ve been wondering what to get your boyfriend for his birthday or looking for the best girlfriend gift, you can rest easy knowing that this necklace is made out of the finest quality. One glance at its dainty Italian chain will convince them of that, but the real conversation-starter happens to be a natural onyx stone at its heart. Inscribed with 24 karats pure gold, the artistic depictions on the stone are made using a process that makes them last eternally and which cannot be recreated anywhere else. Depicted are the twin's Castor and Pollux, the Gemini constellation, its Greek name, symbol, dates of birth and the whole Zodiac.

They’ll have oodles of fun discovering all of its intricacies thanks to a special magnifying glass Good gift ideas for men and women need to arrive inside artful boxes, and not even a Gemini could find faults with this one. From now on, whenever they stay up at night contemplating the stars and their own existence, the Gemini in your life is sure to find inspiration and comfort right down here, in you, and in the wonderful necklace you gave them.

Zodiac Cancer - June 22 - July 22

Even though they like to sometimes dwell in their shell, Cancers are the people that will stand by you when it really counts, offering words of wisdom and sympathy. Empathy and caring are Cancer personality traits all of us should practice more, and why not start by showing appreciation for the person in your life to whom they come naturally with a Cancer Zodiac necklace that celebrates them for who they are?

This fine piece of men’s and women’s jewelry is sure to make their sensitive heart skip a beat once they first see its marvellous Italian chain and oval frame. However, the surprise that is likely to really make them shed a tear of joy can be found on the black onyx stone that adorns its centre. It is imprinted with pure 24 karat gold using a special technique that makes the imaginative images never fade or lose their golden sheen. This is a unique feature no one else in the world can reproduce.
Depicted are the crab Cancer, whom Hera sent to kill Hercules, the traits of a Cancer, its sign, constellation, birth dates, Greek name and the entire Zodiac.

Exploring this inspirational gift down to its smallest details will be effortless and fun for them as we’ve included a custom-made magnifying glass that will illuminate its every line. Cool presents for guys and gals like this one should come in exquisite boxes for maximum appeal, and we’ve got you covered there as well. Just pick up a nice bow to wrap it in and gift your Cancer both a necklace and an experience they won’t soon forget.



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