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Zodiac - Round Cubic Zirconia with Exclusive 24K gold inscription - Born between April 20 to July 22


Color: Clear Crystal

  • Clear Crystal
  • Violet Light Amethyst
  • Turquoise Blue-Topaz
  • Black Jet


Whether you’ve been sharing each other’s lives for years or are still celebrating weekly anniversaries, it’s both fun and wise to treat your sweetheart to a present for girlfriend that reflects both her good tastes and wonderful personality. Rather than give her something that clumsily lists all of what makes her so special, why not indulge her with a zodiac necklace that tells those in the know all about how progressive and kind-hearted she is.

  • Cubic Zirconia stone (17mm x 12mm including the bail)
  • 925 silver and 14k white gold versions arrive with an 18 inch 925 sterling silver chain 
  • Gold plated silver and 14k yellow gold versions arrive with an 18-inch gold plated silver chain 
  • 14k Gold pendant, With 14k Gold chain, arrive all with 14k Gold
  • Mini magnifying glass
  • Jewelry gift box

Taurus - April 20 to May 20

What do you get when indomitable strength of character meets an otherwise calm and peaceful personality which isn’t moved much by life’s turmoil? The perfect life’s companion in the form of a Taurus woman, that’s what! Slow to anger and quick to forgive while always maintaining her unique personality makes the feminine Taurus a pleasure to be around and plan a future with. She’d be contented even if your next birthday present idea for her were a small affectionate trifle, so imagine what kind of overwhelming surprise a Taurus necklace the likes of which exist nowhere else will be.

There are numerous details to be observed from the tips of its sharp horns to the bull’s wide-open nostrils, and finding them all will be a blast with our custom magnifying glass in hand. We’ve thought of packaging too – a splendid gift box houses the precious Taurus jewelry. Wrap it up or give it plainly, either way, it will be the unique birthday gift for her that attracts the most attention.

Gemini - May 21 to Jan 21

Having a Gemini horoscope personality around makes the time fly by in excitement and fun! Quick-witted, sociable and oh so lively, they always spring to mind when thinking about the happiest of memories. Affirming all the good they’ve brought into your life is a great idea, and if you’re trying to figure out what to get your best friend for her birthday or need a cool man gift for your brother, choosing a necklace that compliments their refined sense of style is a fantastic way to go about it!

Keep in mind that this exquisite Gemini necklace is of the highest quality, not some uninspired piece you’d find in a New Age store. Its made with 24k pure gold, the imprint will last eternally thanks to a refined process no one else in the world can replicate. Portrayed are Castor and Pollux, the mythical representatives of the sign; Gemini traits, its constellation, symbol, Greek name, birth dates and the whole Zodiac.

The giftee’s fine eye for detail will be able to spot every nuanced line of the intricate design with the help of a custom-made magnifying glass that comes with the necklace. All male and female gift ideas worth their salt should come packaged inside intriguing boxes, and this one definitely delivers. Even though they can be indecisive at times, not sure whether to follow the stars’ path or pursue their own, the Gemini you respect is sure to find the courage to persevere both in you and in this grand gift.

Zodiac Cancer - June 22 to July 22

Whether they’re family we’re born into or that we choose ourselves, those with Cancer horoscope traits put the well-being of their loved ones above all else. Their protective and loving nature makes them endure sacrifices most others couldn’t. Showing them how much this means to you is a great way to make their day, so why not speak louder with actions and get them an exquisite piece of Cancer jewelry that celebrates their strengths?

Women's and men's necklaces are a dime a dozen, but the high-quality craftsmanship of this one is hard to come by, and its unique feature impossible to emulate! It's imprinted with 24k pure gold. The inscription is made to last eternally and can’t be found anywhere else in the world, literally. Talk about a unique birthday gift for him or her! Portrayed are the crab Cancer, which Hera sent to kill Hercules, the star sign's Greek name, birth dates, constellation, symbol, Cancer characteristics and the entire Zodiac.



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925 STERLING SILVER / Taurus / Clear Crystal - $141.00