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Zodiac - Round Onyx Pendant inscribed exclusively in 24k pure gold - Born between July 23 to October 23




  • 925 silver and 14k white gold versions arrive with an 18 inch 925 sterling silver chain 
  • Gold plated silver and 14k yellow gold versions arrive with an 18-inch gold plated silver chain 
  • 14k Gold pendant, With 14k Gold chain, arrive all with 14k Gold
  • Mini magnifying glass
  • Jewelry gift box

Leo - July 23 to August 22

Faithful and loving protectors that value their partner’s will and independence at the same time… No wonder those with Leo traits make such wonderful partners! For all the times they’ve been there for you, and for all the times they’ve left you alone when that was just what you needed, it would be a great gesture if you showed them just how much you appreciate them as a person by gifting a necklace for your girlfriend or boyfriend that celebrates their wonderful nature.

This fine piece of Leo jewelry is sure to catch their eye and spark their imagination. As if the round frame and Italian chain weren’t gorgeous on their own, a perfect counterpart in the form of a deep onyx stone is set at the heart of this unusual necklace. The stone is imprinted with 24k pure gold with a level of detail literally no one in the world can hope to match. Thanks to a unique new process, the golden images will never lose their lustre and are as eternal as your feelings for the Leo in your life.
Shown in the image of a proud lion, Leo characteristics, it’s a constellation, Greek name, symbol, birth dates and the rest of the Zodiac.

Not even the finest lines will be hidden from scrutiny with the help of an elegant magnifying glass that’s also included. Everything is lovingly bundled inside an exquisite box that is sure to excite them for the treasure that hides therein, making gifting this meaningful necklace a truly special experience.

Virgo - August 23 to September 22

When others falter, the traits of a Virgo that are the most commendable such as their orderly and methodical approach to life elevate them to greater heights. They don’t shy away from letting their loved ones partake in their success either. One of the ways you can show them that they are loved for who they are is a boyfriend or girlfriend birthday idea that will speak to their creativity and flair for detail alike!

This dainty necklace represents a unique blend of artistic inspiration and technological advancement that fit together very well. If the Italian chain or the smooth shape of the round frame don’t tickle their fancy, the beautiful onyx gem at its heart surely will. Inscribed with pure 24 karat gold, it features an unprecedented level of detail, nobody else is able to come close in recreating. Thanks to an innovative process the rich inscription will never fade, making the necklace a good gift idea for men and women alike. Depicted is a virgin maiden with wheat in her hands, Virgo personality traits, its constellation, symbol, Geek name, birth dates and the whole Zodiac.

Even a Virgo’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship will be satisfied to the fullest, especially since they’re also getting an elegant magnifying glass that will make viewing the intricate designs more exciting. The best gifts men and women can agree on always come inside exquisite boxes, and this one is no exception. They’re bound to like it almost as much as the necklace and are sure to be excited before opening it for the first time to reveal the treasure inside.

Libra - September 23 to October 23

The traits of a Libra such as honesty and a straightforward, direct approach to life can make them seem a bit gruff, but there's nothing as liberating as having a true confidant you can tell everything to and expect them to be truthful and genuine about your problems. They have your best interests at heart, and to show them how much their honesty means to you, give them a Libra necklace that affirms these positive traits and looks absolutely gorgeous to boot!

This dainty piece of jewelry is the ideal blend of style and substance. Its high-quality round frame and Italian chain are balanced by a natural onyx stone at the centre. The onyx has been imprinted with 24k pure gold using a process that makes the inscription last forever and with a level of detail, no one else in the world can hope to come close to. It’s certainly a unique, great gift for wife and husband alike. Depicted are a man holding up some scales, the Libra constellation, its sign, Greek name, birth dates, traits and the rest of the Zodiac. To help them better appreciate every aspect of this intricate design, we’ve included a fine magnifying glass as well.



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